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    • Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer's avatar
      Release v0.7.1. · ebc798c3
      Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer authored
        - Automatic, periodic garbage collection of local cache entries older than
          the maximum cache age.
        - Ability to purge the local cache via client API and front-end.
        - Approximate local cache size can be retrieved via the client API and
        - Unify client endpoints to `` (HTTP proxy) and
          `` (front-end) by default and enable both by default.
        - Update readme to remove obsolete information and better help testing.
        - More efficient URI swarm name computations.
        - Use newer OpenSSL library.
        - Use a non-dummy version number in the client API, and have proper release
          notes. `;)`
        - Avoid issues with BitTorrent bootstrap nodes resolving to an IPv6 address
        - Avoid the agent from furiously retrying when there is no fresh mechanism
        - Other fixes for Android and asynchronous operations, timeouts and
    • Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer's avatar
      Merge branch 'default-client-ports'. · 298f0361
      Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer authored
      This unifies endpoints used by the client in the different current scenarios:
      standalone binary, Docker container, Android library.
      Now the default HTTP proxy endpoint is ``, and the default
      front-end endpoint is ``, with both enabled by default.
      The reason for `` and not something less prone to clashes like
      `` (as we do in the injector) is that the client is expected to run
      on many platforms (while we can assume GNU/Linux for the injector), and not
      all of them support binding to addresses in `` other than
      `` (e.g. macOS and other BSD-based systems).  Thus it becomes more
      reasonable to choose a less crowded port (8077 and the following one in this
      Documentation and other references in code and other files have been updated
      as well.
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