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Readme: How to load the CENO Extension when testing with a browser.

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......@@ -519,6 +519,17 @@ configuration tools:
- Other information about the cache index is shown next.
**Note:** For a response to be injected, its request currently needs to carry
an `X-Ouinet-Group` header. The [CENO Extension][] takes care of that
whenever browsing in normal mode, and it does not when browsing in private
mode. Unfortunately, the Extension is not yet packaged independently and the
only way to use it is to clone its repository locally and load it every time
you start the browser; to do that, open Firefox's *Add-ons* window, then click
on the gears icon, then *Debug Add-ons*, then *Load Temporary Add-on…* and
choose the `manifest.json` file in the Extension's source tree.
[CENO Extension]:
After visiting a page with the Origin mechanism disabled and Injector
mechanism enabled, and waiting for a short while, you should be able to
disable all request mechanisms except for the Cache, clear the browser's
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