Commit a0dfd3d3 authored by Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer's avatar Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer
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Default client front-end endpoint to ``.

The rationale for using `` with a less common port is the same than
that for the client proxy endpoint new default.  The particular port is just
the one following the proxy port, which is still quite uncommon.
parent 726b182f
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ public:
, po::value<string>()->default_value("")
, "HTTP proxy endpoint (in <IP>:<PORT> format)")
, po::value<string>()->default_value("")
, po::value<string>()->default_value("")
, "Front-end's endpoint (in <IP>:<PORT> format)")
("tls-ca-cert-store-path", po::value<string>(&_tls_ca_cert_store_path)
, "Path to the CA certificate store file")
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