Commit 9c16849b authored by Peter Jankuliak's avatar Peter Jankuliak
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Fix assertion in injector.cpp

The return_or_throw_on_error tries to make sure ec is set to
operation_aborted when the Cancel object passed to it is indicates it's
been fired.
parent bbc22192
......@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ public:
if (timeout_cancel) ec = asio::error::timed_out;
if (cancel) ec = asio::error::operation_aborted;
if (ec) yield.log("Injection failed: ", ec.message());
return_or_throw_on_error(yield, timeout_cancel, ec);
return_or_throw_on_error(yield, cancel, ec);
yield.log("Injection end"); // TODO: report whether inject or just fwd
auto rsh = http::response<http::empty_body>(orig_sess.response_header());
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