Commit 9a280fbb authored by Peter Jankuliak's avatar Peter Jankuliak
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More debug trace for injector

parent 1b2e0887
......@@ -301,21 +301,21 @@ public:
// Pop out Ouinet internal HTTP headers.
rq = util::to_cache_request(move(rq));
auto orig_con = get_connection(rq, cancel, yield[ec]);
auto orig_con = get_connection(rq, cancel, yield.tag("connect")[ec]);
return_or_throw_on_error(yield, cancel, ec);
// Send HTTP request to origin.
auto orig_rq = util::to_origin_request(rq);
util::http_request(orig_con, orig_rq, cancel, yield[ec]);
util::http_request(orig_con, orig_rq, cancel, yield.tag("request")[ec]);
if (ec) yield.log("Failed to send request: ", ec.message());
return_or_throw_on_error(yield, cancel, ec);
Session::reader_uptr sig_reader = make_unique<cache::SigningReader>
(move(orig_con), rq, insert_id, insert_ts, config.cache_private_key());
auto orig_sess = Session::create(move(sig_reader), cancel, yield[ec]);
auto orig_sess = Session::create(move(sig_reader), cancel, yield.tag("read-hdr")[ec]);
return_or_throw_on_error(yield, cancel, ec);
orig_sess.flush_response(con, cancel, yield[ec]);
orig_sess.flush_response(con, cancel, yield.tag("flush")[ec]);
if (ec) yield.log("Injection failed: ", ec.message());
return_or_throw_on_error(yield, cancel, ec);
yield.log("Injection end"); // TODO: report whether inject or just fwd
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