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Some documentation on swarm name format.

It was previously on some internal document.
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......@@ -4,10 +4,43 @@
namespace ouinet { namespace bep5 {
std::string compute_injector_swarm_name(const ouinet::util::Ed25519PublicKey&, unsigned protocol_version);
std::string compute_bridge_swarm_name(const ouinet::util::Ed25519PublicKey&, unsigned protocol_version);
std::string compute_uri_swarm_name(const ouinet::util::Ed25519PublicKey&, unsigned protocol_version, boost::string_view key);
// Ouinet swarm names are constructed following this pattern:
// `KEY_TYPE` indicates the type of injector key following.
// Currently `ed25519` is the only supported value.
// `BASE32(INJECTOR_KEY)` is the unpadded, lower case result of
// encoding the injector public key using Base32.
// `VERSION` is the Ouinet protocol version number (decimal).
// `WHAT` depends on the protocol version and
// the kind of information made available via the swarm.
// Currently supported values for v4 are:
// - `injectors`: uTP endpoints for reaching injectors
// with the given `INJECTOR_KEY`.
// - `bridges`: uTP endpoints for reaching bridges to
// injectors with the given `INJECTOR_KEY`.
// - `uri/<URI>`: uTP endpoints for reaching clients keeping a cached copy of
// the given `URI` signed with the given `INJECTOR_KEY`.
// Please bear in mind that BitTorrent DHT IDs are not the swarm names themselves,
// but their respective SHA1 digests.
std::string compute_injector_swarm_name( const ouinet::util::Ed25519PublicKey&
, unsigned protocol_version);
std::string compute_bridge_swarm_name( const ouinet::util::Ed25519PublicKey&
, unsigned protocol_version);
std::string compute_uri_swarm_name( const ouinet::util::Ed25519PublicKey&
, unsigned protocol_version
, boost::string_view key);
}} // namespaces
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