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    Release v0.9.2. · b2d244cb
    Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer authored
    This release makes logging more consistent (especially at the client) and
    offers some goodies for testing and debugging the client from its front-end.
      - Get the list of groups announced by the client from its front-end
      - Toggle log file creation from the client front-end, provide a download
      - Enabling the log file enables debugging and restores the previous log
        level when disabled, unless the user explicitly changes it in the
      - More consistent logging: always use the logger (i.e. show DEBUG, WARN,
        ERROR, INFO tags), fix the log level of many messages (e.g. show requests
        and responses as DEBUG when debugging.
      - Use a single log level for all components (i.e. drop the separate log
        level for the BEP5/HTTP cache).
      - Fix content being announced not getting reannounced if reinjected shortly
        after purging the local cache, when not debugging.
      - Fix BEP5 swarm status not being reported when enabling debugging at
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