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Last update: December 01, 2020
With Deflect, you will pay for popularity. We feel that this is the most
transparent and fair pricing option to offer our clients. We don’t charge you extra for mitigating attacks against your website
or for answering support questions. Here’s how we price the Deflect service:
========= =========================== ======================================== =========== ==========
Tier Unique monthly visitors Price (per IP address per month) Example Cost (USD)
========= =========================== ======================================== =========== ==========
Deflect 1 < 5,000 $20 flat rate 4,849 $20.00
Deflect 2 5,001+ $0.004 17,834 $71.34
eQpress 1 < 5,000 $30 flat rate 4,849 $30.00
eQpress 2 5,001+ $0.006 17,834 $107.00
========= =========================== ======================================== =========== ==========
The fees are based on a total number of unique visitors, calculated at the end of the calendar month. By unique visitors we really mean IP addresses – and this interpretation is to your advantage. For example, if a reader visits your website every day from the same location – that will likely equal 1 unique visitor for that calendar month, no matter how often they read your website.
Other providers are charging you by website hits - these really differ per every website depending on how it is constructed; by website visits - this is often tricky to define correctly for everyone and also charges you for the same reader multiple times per month; by megabytes of bandwidth your website generated per month and other metrics - this again varies by how your website is constructed, whether you are streaming videos from it and how much traffic your attackers may generate. Some providers give you limited services depending on how much you are willing to pay per month. All of these approaches work but we believe that they are arbitary and favour the provider, not the client.
On Deflect and our secure managed Wordpress framework eQpress - everyone receives the same high level of service and access to infrastructure, regardless of how much you pay per month. We will never kick you off the service for getting attacked or consuming too many system resources. We will intervene and hep you with website configurations and fixing errors that may be degrading your website's performance. We also don’t consider any malicious bots or traffic generated during an attack as something that you should be paying extra for.
Our statistics are calculated in-house – we do not ship your data off to any third party. Users that wish to enable automatic log deletion in their control panel, will be charged for daily unique visitors, tallied at the end of the month.
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